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The Issues:

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Being a family man, local business owner, former executive on multiple non-profit boards, community volunteer, and 25 years of a diverse law enforcement career will allow me to bring leadership, compassion, experience, and a deep understanding of our community to Lansing.

Protecting Our Freedoms:

The Constitution is not just a piece of paper…it’s the foundation of the greatest country in the world. God given freedoms and the freedoms enumerated within the Constitution need to be protected. Individual rights in the U.S. are paramount and I have upheld an oath to protect them for the last 26 years as a police officer, and I will carry that oath to Lansing! Government overreach has run rampant. Every time we turn on the news, it’s another mandate or regulation or restriction from big government. We need people that will stand up and say ENOUGH!

Local, Local, Local...

Local economy and small businesses need our help. Instead of large corporate bailouts, let’s focus on supporting our neighboring businesses. Local economy strengthens our state economy. We need more lawmakers that will hold the Governor’s office accountable for devastating our local economy, causing businesses to close their doors and people to lose their jobs, homes and financial stability. I support our governor battling COVID but not at the expense of our liberties and destruction of small business.

Government Mandates: It's Time to Say "Enough!"

I DO NOT support vaccine or mask mandates. These are individual choices and government needs to stay in their lane! Let’s get our kids back to consistent in-person learning, athletics and other extra-curricular activities. Our kids are being made pawns in a political game and we need to take a stand!

Defend...Not Defund Our Police.

This is one of the most ridiculous notions brought forth by the left. After 26 years of policing, responding to life-or-death calls, violent crime, and overall service to the community, I cannot imagine a community without police...or for that matter, a reduced police force. I experienced what it was like on the streets when 2008 decimated our economy. Our department was reduced by over 30%. Many of our bureaus were closed and essential services to the community were overburdened.

Our state has gone soft on crime. The Lansing left worries more about radical environmentalism and catering to the "cancel culture" than taking a strong stance on crime. Ask any police officers you know about chasing the same criminals around day after day. It is not only a waste of resources, but it places the community in danger when criminals are allowed to roam freely. I will fight to support our 1st responders and keep our communities safe.

Transparency in Government & Schools:

Transparency in government and schools is a must. Short of a major security issue, there should be no secrets in government. Accountability to the people is a must and it keeps elected officials honest. Getting CRT/DEI out of our curriculum is also a must. Anything that fans the flames of racism does not belong in our society. I encourage parents to take an active roll in guiding their child's educational path. I will focus on creating and maintaining safe schools. As a former police officer and school resource officer, I know what it takes to protect our children and school staff.

Protecting the Most Vulnerable:

It's about serving a cause greater than oneself. It's about giving a voice to the voiceless. It's about standing up for those who cannot. That’s what I’ve done over the last 26 years in law enforcement. And I am not ready to stop! I am pro-life. I believe in protecting life at any stage. From conception on, life is the most valuable thing on this planet.

Election Integrity:

Whatever side of the fence you are on regarding elections, it is obvious that the people's belief in election integrity has been damaged. We need to restore voter's faith in one of the most fundamental aspects of our country. Voter ID and stopping the mass mailing of absentee ballot applications is a great start.


These men and women, who sign a check for their lives to the US Government, deserve our admiration. At the federal and state level, veteran benefits should be maintained and always open for improvement. I am blessed to come from a family with a legacy of service, so I have a deep love for those who serve. My daughter recently returned to Michigan after proudly serving in the US Air Force. I am a member of the Sons of the American Legion at the Chief Pontiac Post in Clarkston.

2nd Amendment:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." United States Constitution.

Right to bear arms.

Every person has a right to bear arms for the defense of himself and the state." Michigan Constitution.

I have been a firearms instructor to law enforcement and civilian shooters since 1997. I have instructed Concealed Pistol License courses since 2001. I have held numerous instructor certifications from Michigan Commision on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES), National Rifle Association (NRA), and Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO). I WILL NOT support red flag laws or more firearms restrictions. I will work diligently to support the furthering of gun owners rights in this state.

Passion to Serve:

Any public service begins with love of your community. My family currently lives in Waterford Twp and Independence Twp prior to that. We have children that have attended school in the district and one is currently a senior in Clarkston High School. I am a small business owner in the district. I have been a public servant in the district for the last 25 years. I retired in 2021 as a Sergeant with the Waterford Twp Police Department. This is my home and the citizens have become like my family. I have the reputation and the honor of standing up for others over the last 25 years, and I am not ready to stop.

Remember to Vote Mike Harris When You Complete Your Ballot!

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