Hi, I'm Mike


I was born in the "Motor City", Flint, Michigan in 1973. At 3 years old, my mother and biological father divorced. My biological father was a Vietnam Veteran and one of the first certified kitchen and bath designers in the state. He continued his vocation until he passed in 2016. My mother remarried and we moved to Pontiac. When I turned 6 years old, my mother's singing career took our family to sunny California. We returned home to Michigan when I entered high school. I graduated from Akron-Fairgrove High School, where my stepfather was my principal. My brother, sister and I grew up in an amazing God-fearing, America loving, conservative home. My parent's example of caring and standing up for others, led me to become a servant of the people. I majored in Criminal Justice at Mott Community College and then attended the police academy at Delta College. My parents felt so strongly about caring for others that they decided to go back to school together in their late 40's to become Chiropractors. 

Working and living in North Oakland County has been an amazing experience. The local businesses, schools, people, and geography are like nowhere else. My family was blessed to be in a community that loved its first responders. The care and outreach from the area citizens only pushed me to be a better officer and person. This community has made me realize that even after a rewarding law enforcement career, I am not done serving. One of my favorite quotes is, "I did not come this far, to only come this far". I have much more to give to this community and with your help, we can get Michigan back on track. 





It's about serving a cause greater than one's self. It's about giving a voice to the voiceless. It's about standing up for those who cannot. It's about holding government accountable to the people. It's about protecting the citizens of Michigan without government overreach. It's about our families, our country, our local communities and schools. It's about protecting the American way of life.

That is my pledge to you.




Upholding the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions

Bolstering Small Business & Local Economy

Supporting Our 1st Responders

Tough Stance on Criminals

2nd Amendment Rights

Safer Schools


Transparency in Government/Schools

In-Person Learning for Student

Families Right to Choose Child's Educational Path

Voter ID Regulations and Proper Use of Absentee Ballots

Improving Veteran Benefits


Big Government

Corporate Bailouts

Vaccine Mandates 

Defund the Police Movement

Red Flag Laws

More Firearm Restrictions

DEI/CRT Curriculum

Raising State Debt