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Proudly Endorsed By:

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

  • Former State Representative in the 43rd District: Jim Tedder

  • Former State Representative in the 43rd District: Gail Haines

  • Michigan Freedom Network

  • Waterford Twp Supervisor, Gary Wall

  • White Lake Twp Clerk, Anthony Noble

  • Michigan Association of Public Employees

  • Waterford Twp Chief of Police, John B. Dean (Ret.)

  • Waterford Twp Police Officer's Association

  • Association of Waterford Police Supervisors

  • Michigan Association of Police (MAP)

  • Fraternal Order of Police-FOP

  • Waterford Twp Fire Chief Matt Covey

  • Waterford Twp Fire Chief John Lyman (Ret.)

  • Waterford Twp Fire Chief Dennis Storrs (Ret.)

  • Michigan Association of Fire Fighters

  • Laborers' International Union of North America

  • Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC Michigan)

  • AgriPac (Michigan Farm Bureau)

  • Corn Growers Association

  • Small Business Association of Michigan-SBAM

  • MI Chamber of Commerce

  • National Rifle Association-NRA

  • National Federation of Independent Business-NFIB

  • Michigan Manufacturers Association

  • Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Assocation

  • MI Realtors

  • Americans For Prosperity

  • Detroit Regional Chamber PAC

  • Detroit News

  • Great Lakes Education Project-GLEP

  • Michigan Health Choice Alliance

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